About Kay Newland Rentals:

We are a local, customer service-oriented, family-owned business specializing in the management of single family apartment rentals. Through our 30 years of consistency and dedication to taking care of our tenants and our properties, we have gained a reputation of integrity within our community.

Take some time to look at some pictures of our apartments and be sure to read about the other services we provide.

Please call us at 540-476-1199 or contact us for further information.

About Our Apartments:

Our properties are located on Pennie Layne in Bridgewater Virginia, just minutes away from Bridgewater College and James Madison University. Each of our beautiful colonial style four-plexes are beautifully landscaped and maintained by our professional team. All of our apartment listings are 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Apartments come ready with installed washer and dryer as well as your kitchen appliances. Total living space is estimated at 800-850 square feet, depending on unit.

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